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PawPrints Canada

"Someone Fire the Pied Piper" - PawPrints Canada, December 2009

I was approached by the then-editor of PawPrints to write this article on rats, an often misunderstood (but wonderful!) variety of pet. I researched the article thoroughly, and interviewed one of Toronto's few small animal specialists. The editor, Anita Robeson, loved the article, and described it as one of her favourites. As you see below...

"Tiffany is a delightful writer with a unique voice. Her prose is a joy to read: witty, imaginative, and grammatically sound. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat." - Anita Robeson, Owner/Operator, Clever Cat Communications


Adler International Learning

Holiday-themed article for Adler International Learning Inc.'s corporate newsletter, 2nd issue.

I was lucky to work in a place with a sense of humor. How many companies would let an opening line like that in their community newsletter?

A professional web designer

I am not

Adler International Learning

Adler International Learning

Introductory article for Adler International Learning Inc.'s inaugural newsletter

A piece written back in my days as an office monkey. Marvel at my subtle dissatisfaction, and customer service skills.

Really, Adler was a lovely company, and very supportive of my creative endeavors. Thanks!

Seriously, how do I fix this?


Innate Media

Innate Media

Innate Media client brochure, February 2011

I wrote the text for this brochure for Innate's client, NetSecure. I studied their old brochure for an earlier version of PINCheckout, and read up on the encryption technology to create an informative, eye-catching brochure.



Web classifieds ad

When it comes time to sell your dear old keyboard, where else does one turn but Craigslist? I researched sale prices of similar second hand keyboards to set my own price. I wanted the ad to clearly lay out the features of the instrument to attract serious buyers, and aside from the one guy who offered to trade for three goats and a book of fast food coupons, it worked. The keyboard sold for the full price with twenty-four hours. Godspeed.


"You're so _____" - Feministing community blog post, July 2010

Regular contributor to Lyrical Press blog


"As someone whose work has been on the receiving end of Tiffany's proverbial red pen, I can say with assurance that she is a knowledgeable, thorough, and professional editor of both copy and content. The stories she's edited for me are always tighter and more polished than they were when she got them, and when I submit them I'm confident that I'm submitting my best work. She has been a valuable asset to me over the last several years, and I would recommend her services to anyone who wants their work to shine." - Shayne Winters, Author

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