Tiffany Maxwell Freelance writer and editor

You’ll Only Need One

Tell me what you need, and it's yours.

Sleek, clear advertising copy - it's yours.

A polished blog that speaks to your audience - it's yours.

Technical writing - it's yours

Insanely thorough editing for your novel, textbook, or other book-length documents - it's yours.

Insanely thorough editing for your documents of every other conceivable length - it's yours.

Proofreading - it's yours.

Quirky, stylish articles on any topic for your magazine, newsletter,  website, or any other publication...


Words are my life, and if there is one thing you want a writer or editor to say, that's it. That and maybe, "First 250 words free, to test our compatibility," but good news, I say that too.

With experience writing

  • brochures
  • web copy
  • flyers
  • articles
  • technical manuals and
  • blog posts

as well as editing

  • novels
  • course manuals
  • blogs and
  • long and short copy marketing materials

I am your one and only go-to girl for all your editorial needs. Whether it's a little tweak to your web site, a total overhaul of your company's procedures manuals (or a new set made from scratch), or a few coats of polish on your latest novel, I do it all with speed, style, and a smile. And should I happen to not have complete confidence in my ability to polish your assignment to a mirror shine, I will find someone for you who does. In the end, I am all about solutions, and it's my mission to find you yours.

Contact me with details about your project, and let's get started!